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HOPE Review

Founded on:2014

Looking for the love of your life? Well, look no further than Hope dating website. While many sites are usually determined to hook up singles that are in search of casual dating, Hope comes in with something different, unique and very special. 

Most of the people who come to this site are those looking for a long term relationship and if you sign up, there are very high chances that you’ll end up being their next successful partner.

The one thing that sets this site apart from other dating sites is Hope’s target audience. Don’t worry yourself if you are looking for casual dating, you’ll also find it here on Hope - A new STD and herpes dating site. However, the main target audience of this website is those people who are looking for a “soul mate”.

Hope targets those individuals in the society who have any form of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and feel neglected, dejected and are in solitude when it comes to love. While many people in the communities we live in are very negative minded about STDs like HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), Hope tries to give these people a new hope in life. So, if you are living with an STD and by any chance you feel you are being subjected to unfair treatment due to your condition, you can find a place to change your fortunes at Hope as what it's named!

One amazing thing is how Hope treats its visitors. You are thought of as a gifted person and as such, the treatment you get is very special. In this way, it is easy to forget what you have been going through as a lonely person suffering from an STD. The good thing with Hope is that it has a steady growth and with this continued rise in popularity, it means more potential mates are in plenty.

Just like with many top dating sites, Hope also has many exceptional features that you’ll find amazing. It’s very easy to connect with other members of Hope. The other benefit of using hope is that unlike other leading websites, there is no subscription fee required to access all the services listed on the website. All of them are completely free of any charge.

Hope has some exceptional features that you’ll find very helpful when looking for a perfect match. A large package o76f these features form the backbone of the pros of Hope and they are listed below.

Pros of Hope:

-The drag and drop profile builder feature helps you easily create a profile on Hope
-The proximity search feature can be used to find other users of Hope within your area of residence who are like-minded.
-The matchmaking search system will help you match your profile with those of potential suitors with respect to the provided information
-You can create an account on Hope using Facebook with its Facebook connect feature.
-Chatting and ability to exchange virtual gifts with other users of the Hope application is a good way you can use to meet new people on Hope.

What to avoid on Hope when dating?

Hope is free to sign up and use all of its services. However, this doesn’t mean the site is a cheap one. In order to succeed on Hope, here are the top three things you should avoid.

-Stop wasting your time with deep searches into member results. The site comes with matchmaking search algorithm and will ensure that the most precise results are displayed and hence, going deep into the last pages of the results will not get you a better profile match than those on the first few pages.
-Don’t create a lousy profile. This site is full of established and very successful people in life and your profile will be the first thing you are judged by.
-Stop being impatient and learn that patience pays. Let not even your age or your frustrations at being single distract you for a single second. Be patient and carefully screen the people you chat with, exchange gifts with, as well as those who match your profile just as you want them. Chat with these people before you decide on going on a date. Lots of good people looking for good long term relationships are on this STD dating site and if you could just be patient, you’ll find your perfect match.

There is nothing good as having everything you want with you wherever you are. And this is exactly what Hope has in store with its Android and iOS app. Hope is available as a mobile phone application on iOS and Android platforms. This means you can keep chatting with your Hope friends from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. You always walk around with your mobile phone and this means you can never miss a chat, message or any notification from Hope.

The good features you will find on this application include an easy to sign in Facebook connect option where you can use your Facebook account to sign in rather than go around with the usual registration process, which is also very straightforward. The user interface is pretty simple and easy to use. You can easily access the different windows for messages, photos, the search option, Hope blogs as well as groups. With the group option, you can create or join as many groups as you want on Hope.

The mobile application also has a unique feature where users can post a public question and you can choose to respond to it. In this way, you can meet new people and start chatting, who knows; she might just be the one you are longing for. With this simple UI, it shouldn’t be hard to get around the Hope dating app, be it on your iOS or Android device.

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